You may sit and look at your family and think that it is the strongest union in the world.  Promises, plans, retirement savings, and then without warning it is all gone.   You find yourself sitting alone, and wondering how, or what happened.   Society, friends, and even family will tell you that it is natural.  It is not natural.  Abuse, depression, and divorce are not natural events in a life. 

In this still new century one of the strongest parts of the human race is in danger!   The Family.  Not just in the United States is the danger growing, but all over the world.  The biggest threat to the family is a lack of unity, a lack of prayer, and time together. 

In 1900, a mere 100 years ago the number of divorces in the United States alone was 55,751.  In 1998 alone, the number of divorces stood at 1,169,000. More than 50% of the marriages today will end in divorce.  Suicide has seen an increase of more than 200 percent in children between the ages of 15 - 24.

Mother's and Father's all over the country are fighting over petty issues, and children are being hurt, caught in the middle.  Many of those children will go on in their lives and face the same issues, some will end their lives.  The family, for the most part, has lost it's place in society.  We are seeing children placed in foster homes, dependant care programs and treated for depression and Attention Deficit Disorders.   The use of Ritalin has increased in children to 2.8 million.   The use of these drugs to control the child and adults has been greatly increased because maybe, just maybe we don't take enough time with our kids, or even our spouses. 

Here is the challenge I issue to you:

Pray daily first of all for the families already affected by divorce in our country.

Pray for Reconciliation of those families.

Pray for the families facing divorce in this year.

Pray for the judicial system of America.

Pray for and with your spouse and your children daily.

When you hear of a family in trouble... send us their names, and cities.  Let us place them in prayer with the thousands who will accept this challenge and are willing to stand in prayer on their behalf.

Send us the names of children who are abused, and let us stand in prayer for them.

Send us the names of those using the prescriptioin drugs for emotional problems... let us pray for them.

Why should we do this you ask?  Because God gave us over 25,000 promises in his word and for this reason we are going to stand on every single one of them on behalf of the families around the world, expecting in this year to see the divorce rate go to an all time low.  To see the dependency of drugs for those with emotional disorders go to an all time low.  To see abuse go to an all time low.  We are going to do this, because Jesus said if we would ask ANYTHING in his name that it would be done for us by the Father in Heaven.  Will you join us in the Family Prayer Challenge?


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