Dear R&J,  I am always getting into trouble.  Seems no matter what I do mom and dad are always on my case.  So what if I like to watch TV all the time.

Watching TV all the time is not really good.  There are other things that we can do to have fun, like riding bikes, outside play, board games, TRY IT!

Dear R&J,  I have a hard time going to sleep at night and my folks get really ripped.  What can I do?

Well,... our dad always gives us a story plot to think about at night before we go to sleep.  He lets us make up a story that we can tell him the next day.  It helps!

Dear R&J,  How do you pray?

When we pray, it is like talking to our mom or dad.  God listens even when we think he doesn't.

Dear R&J,  My big brother is always bothering me, what can I do?

Even though you want to you can't flush him down the toilet!  If you are older than he is, maybe he wants to be your friend and doesn't know how.  Help him.  If he is younger,... teach him because he will do like you and you might be doing the wrong thing.

Dear Kids, we need your help!  We are starting a page just for us, the kids, whose families are affected by divorce.  Send us your suggestions on how to handle the break up of a family, and how you handle the hurt.

Thanks, R&J

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