Become a Member of the HFM Kid's Club!

Become a member of the HFM Kid's Club and join in on all the fun! 

Online members can communicate with one another by email and make some

great new friends from all over the world.  It cost nothing to join the club on

line and you can have a great time.  We have some exciting plans for these

pages and hope you will be a part of the excitement!

Send your name,... age,... city,.... and just some things about yourself and

look for your personal spot here on the kid's club site!

Members email addresses:
Ryan & Jayme Howad  R&

Heather, Scottia, & Anthony (The Davis Kids)

Ryan in Gainesville, FL


Click on that do hickey over there on the left and send us an e - mail!  When we read it,... we will sit down and get back to you!